Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Great Lost Songs - King Of The Slums - 'Bear With Me'

To some extent a companion to A Witness, both bands being from Greater Manchester and demonstrating that love of dance syncpation minus the beads and jangles that is my memory of the city pre 1989, this is almost the sound of the original Afflacks Palace, that ragbag of goths, indie kids and hip hop heads that populated the second hand stalls and hairdressers over three floors before fire and Identity clothing corporatised the city's soul.

As with many of these tracks, its a head scratcher why KOTS aren't talked about more. Given that their music straddled the dancefloor and the mind, avoided the strict white jacket that strangled much of the indie scene in the mid 80s and, more importantly, that they could create music like this; the sound of the last party on earth as we all get blown to pieces by a Reagan / Thatcher axis, you would have thought that some critics may have revisited them and done one of those re-introduction jobs that seem to be all the rage at the moment.

Then again, there are Phil Collins Q & A's to arrange. Some things never change ;-)

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