Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Great Lost Songs - The Fatima Mansions - 'Blues For Ceauşescu'

I hate to come over all 'old git' here but why is no one making angry music like this anymore? This makes Slaves look and sound like Westworld (sonic boom boy, remember?) and knocks most 'angry, political music' into a cocked hat. That it isn't a repeated play on alternative stations leave me scratching my head.

Kicking against everyone, esp fond of the verse about Mountbatten, Cathal Coughlan took his chances to offend very seriously. Alongside this, arguably the best ever piece of political rock committed to audio, he used a support slot with U2 in Italy to stick a statue of the Madonna up his arse, nearly provoking a riot.

Can't see that happening now can you?

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