Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Great Lost Songs - BOB 'Convenience'

There was a time when this track was a sign of indie knowledge, around my first year at Leeds in 1989 owning a copy of the 7" elevated you above the indie masses that were gathering around the Manchester scene and marked you out as an original indie kid as much as a stripey T-shirt or an anorak. These days I rarely meet anyone in the industry who knows what the fuck I am going on about if it comes up in conversation.

Indie snobbery aside this remains a fascinating track, echoes of which I hear now and again when the idea of senstive young men with guitars come back into vogue. Straddling that point between the jangles of The Byrds and the white soul of Aztec Camera, the chorus still has the power to make my heart sing. Being in love, likely unrequieted, never sounded so good.

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