Thursday, 20 October 2016

Great Lost Songs - ANDREAS DORAU - Girls In Love (Grungerman Mix I) 1996

Credit where its due, this would never have crossed my path were it not for Herb Legowitz of Gus Gus. This track, a minimalist tweaking of a more standard disco house track, was a mainstay of his DJ sets and a piece of music that blew my mind when I heard it.

Is it that rise and fall clipped drum track, the breakthrough of the original as a pseudo chorus, the control of the whole, always feeling like its about to explode, teasing for over 5 minutes without climaxing or the little hint of 70's disco style? I dunno but it was a major staging post on my final acceptance of disco having spent my indie 80s and some of my 90's being totally, impaccably opposed to any music that dared to flirt with that lost decade's dance craze.

A couple of years ago Martin Aston's 4AD book came out and I read Ivo referring to me as a soul boy. At the time I laughed out loud, this Smiths indie kid reborn as a London casual but maybe he had a point. Maybe this track was a major factor in me adding that cloak to my others.

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