Monday, 26 September 2016

Great Lost Songs - Pusherman - 'Chase It'

It says everything that there is not even a video on Youtibe for this, the first single release from Pusherman.
For a brief moment in 1996, this melding of The Verve's hypo-groove, Oasis' swagger and a stoner rock vibe that eventually come to prominence in alt circles with Queens Of The Stone Age via Kyuss, looked and felt like the end game of Britpop; a collision of the arrogance with the inevitable (and soon to come with 1997 and Be Here Now) end of the party.

Pusherman were not clean cut like The Bluetones, arch like Blur or Suede, 'fun' like Oasis, they were dark and disturbed and messy and troubled. They were the precursors of Pet Docherty's life style, the revenge of fans of Loop and Spacemen 3 on the happy, clappy Britpop gang and, sadly, everyone seems to have forgotten about them. No 6 Music rotation for this lot.
Still, at CMJ in October of (I think, memories of CMJ can get a bit hazy) they were awsome. In fact, every time I saw them live they were awesome.

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