Friday, 20 March 2015


Always good to start Friday with a touch of Bolshevik inspired Heimat romance, Russian dancing and gorgeous acoustic versions of songs you already love.

Agreed? If so scroll down.

The former is supplied by the Ally Kerr film for A New International's 'Once Upon A Time In The Revolution', the track that takes Leone to Leon (Trotsky) for tea. At least one Sergio is in my good books this week.

The latter requires a little more effort but to access session versions of both 'Come To The Fabulon' and 'When I Walked The Earth' recorded for The Culture Show (oh aye, they know their culture) go hear and then fast forward to one hour in until you hear 'Valentino', then sit back and enjoy

And, as if that wasn't enough, you can hear the whole of 'Come To The Fabulon' hear. If you haven't heard the album yet then, really, what have you been doing?

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