Monday, 20 May 2013

Here Comes The Summer

Been a trying week so let's start with something to cheer me up then I will tell you all about what Loudhailer folk are up to in the next few weeks.

So now that it's all a bit cheerier, what's happening?

Half the roster was in Brighton last weekend for The Great Escape. Loudhailer was unfortunately called to sick child duties so missed such great moments as the Towns / Velcro Hooks joint show, Tripwires getting Sticky at Mike's, Night Engine wowing The Guardian and The Independent's Sunday and daily alongside four rather sweaty shows, Balthazar bringing the wonders of 'Rats' to the south coast, The Elwins making their first seaside steps and Mary Epworth on a Saturday afternoon, which sounds a hell of a lot more fun than my actual Saturday afternoon.

Back in London town, Matt Berry was ending his UK tour with a big show at Islington's Academy, another which duties cancelled for us but which is all over Youtube.

Looking forwards brings two album in June. Matt Berry's quite astounding 'Kill The Wolf' which remains one of the most musically unafraid albums I have heard this year, a rare case of going for the tune rather than an approved approach and all the better for it and Tripwires melding of US alt rock, late 60's whiteout and 90's sonics into whole new shapes on their debut 'Spacehopper'. Both are out on the 17th June. July shapes up with another two, Editors 'best yet' 'The Weight Of Your Love' and The Elwins 'And I Thank You' debut of sparkling pop with a dark underbelly. On the former I remain open mouthed. Having worked with the band since the beginning, the progression to this album underpins both why I continue to do this (sometimes stupid) job and my continual awe at the abilities of some musicians and writers. The latter has a purity which shines through its arrangements, taking traditional sounds but playing them with such dedication and joy that it renders the album timeless.

Editors debut their live shows at Glastonbury in June as well. Now that's something to look forward to i would suggest.

Let's pretend they didn't cancel Snub TV and play video half hour

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