Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Anyone for Kool AId?

It was always strange. That first night in the UK at the Royal Festival Hall when the power cut and they played on and the power cut back in at exactly the right moment. The endless festivals where rainclouds would part as they walked onstage to dazzling sunshine, the guy who crashed his bike watching them being pictured in Hyde Park and woke up surrounded by people in white robes with Texan accents. It was always strange and it was always brilliant.

It was many of the things I thought rock n roll should be. The cultish vibe, the drive of Tim Delaughter and Julie, the choir's endless energy, the post rave vibe of the shows. The Union Chapel with Tim walking over the pews in suitably challenging mode, collisions of cult and God and irony, the humour and intelligence at the heart of it all. And a sense of family, 23 really good friends rolling into town and making everything technicolour.

So I am most pleased to say, once again, that I am the pr for The Polyphonic Spree.

News on album and tour soon.

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